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15 December 2015

What happens when you disconnect from your power, and why it’s not worth it

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If life imitates art, then I’ve been doing some, well, big, fat imitating.

After filming an interview in which I spoke about what I do to stay connected with my power, I had a few days of not doing what it takes to stay connected with my power.

I had one of those days for a few days. In a row. And then there were meltdowns. Three in one day.

Disowning my power (because that’s exactly what I was doing) felt oddly comforting (even though it hurt), as though I could have more control over things that are beyond my control.

We do that. We distract ourselves, buy into what’s not our truth, and pretend not to know. We tell ourselves stories that aren’t true, and we believe them. We let fear run the show. We sabotage and play the martyr too, because we think it’s easier than making difficult decisions or doing the work that would see us shine brighter than we knew we could. And deliver more joy than we knew we could have.

As I prepare to take a group of women through my brand new program, The Story Temple, I’m being asked to step into my power at a new level. The parts of me that are brave and willing and so dearly want to make a big difference (it’s going to be soooo amazing) are excited beyond words. The parts that want to play small and “safe” aren’t. They never go away. These days, though, I know how to work with them, and reconnect with my truth and power quite quickly. In the past, it could take days, sometimes even weeks.

There’s a price to pay for a lack of presence. When you don’t create an altar to your truth, and visit it often to give a voice to what’s longing to be expressed, it’ll claw its way to the surface anyhow, and not necessarily in ideal ways.

Junk food. Snitchiness. Sugar. Gossip. Fear with a capital F placed firmly in charge. Hooking into causes you can’t do anything about. Angry outbursts. Overwork. Shopping for what you don’t need. Trying to control what’s not yours to control. Drinking too much. Busyness. Stuffing yourself. Oh, and meltdowns.

Here’s the thing:

There’s grace in being truly present. There’s also a quiet sense of calm and peace. There’s clarity. Exquisite connection. And power. So much power.

I want to share with you the second part of my Story Temple interview. The wonderful Nicola Lipscombe –Powerful Listening interviewed me, and we talked about:

  • The necessity of slowing down, stopping and playing
  • The wisdom you carry that the world wants to hear about (yes, you have it, and you’d be amazed by the impact you can make)
  • The problems with buying into what you think the world expects from you
  • What success means to me (it’s so different from what I used to think it should be, and I really didn’t think I was capable of having it)
  • What will happen inside The Story Temple
  • The writing retreat coming up in Port Douglas, as part of The Story Temple in 2016
  • How to access your wisdom and power without any effort at all. Truly. It’s profound

Watch the video:

If running over yourself and disowning your power is as familiar as the sun coming up each day, please, watch the video.

Then, ask yourself these questions:

  • If you truly believed your power was accessible without having to try, what would you do differently?
  • What would it take for you to feel successful and joyful at your core?

Oh, and if you missed the first part of my chat with Nicola, please come over here.


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