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With lots of powerful speaking tips you can use right now!

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This teleclass is a preview of The Story Temple, a 10-month journey into powerful speaking. This mastermind-style program is for a small group of women who are serious about discovering and speaking their truth, and want to speak powerfully – on the stage, in the boardroom, and in conversations that matter.

During the teleclass call, I offered lots of useful tips you can use right now, including:

  • The missing ingredient for most of us as women, and how it’s impacting your presence and power when you speak
  • How to access genuine confidence (if you’re faking it until you make it, you’re on the wrong track)
  • The secret to shifting from nervousness and stress, to feeling powerful and in control
  • The gateway to your power as a public speaker (it has nothing to do with what you’ve probably been told)
  • How speaking in sacred space informs how you speak to an audience, and every other conversation you have too
  • The key to solving the number one problem I see that holds women back when it comes to standing up and speaking – and what to do about it

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