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30 July 2013

Storytelling, Vulnerability & Power: An interview with Sarah Agnew

-1As a speaker, you’re a storyteller.  Your best material comes from your experiences, from what happens in your world.  Then you use and share those experiences – your stories – to inspire, motivate and persuade your audiences.

In May, I was privileged to hear Sarah Agnew speak at TEDx Adelaide.

I was moved by Sarah’s presence and connection with her words, as she spoke about grace and and humanity.  She held me in the palm of her hands, hanging on her every word and gesture.  

Of all 12 speakers, Sarah’s the one I remembered best long after I walked out the door that day.

I wanted to ask Sarah so many questions, because I had a strong feeling she’d say a thing or two that might help you on your journey to becoming a powerful speaker when you need to stand up and speak to a group  – on stage, in a meeting, in the boardroom, or in a networking group.

So here she is.  Click PLAY below to listen to my chat with Sarah about:

  • How to rest in your confidence (doesn’t that sound wonderful!)
  • Letting your stories tell themselves
  • Not thinking you have to know everything to wow your audiences
  • How to ground and relax yourself
  • What it means to connect with your words
  • The importance of knowing yourself very well (the best speakers do)
  • The essentials of solid preparation
  • The power of vulnerability
  • The problems with identifying as the expert

And lots more.  Just click PLAY below:


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