If you trusted yourself completely, what would you do?

Tricia Karp Tricia Karp

What if…

You could stop doubting yourself, and take bold action in your life?

You could put your hand up for opportunities without any doubt that you’re worthy of them?

You could unashamedly ask for what you want?

You could just say ‘no’. And not follow it with ‘sorry’, or explain or justify yourself?

You could make a clear decision with ease, back yourself, and follow through with it?

Instead of thinking, ‘Who am I to do this?’ you could wholeheartedly declare, “I’m absolutely the right person to do this!”

You could stand up and speak up, own your space, and not worry about what other people think?

You could trust your own innate wisdom, guidance and authority, and not distract yourself with other people’s opinions, ideas, achievements and success?

Instead of comparing yourself with others, you could focus on and honour your own unique gifts, talents and purpose?

You could stop looking outside yourself for answers or a quick fix: the latest marketing technique that will turn around your business. The new diet. The advice of someone who’s ‘more successful’ than you. Your partner. An expert. Someone who ‘knows better’.

Instead of thinking you’re a failure, you could own your strength, resilience, and the courage it took to overcome challenges and navigate tough times?

What would it be like to be your own greatest champion instead of your worst enemy (no-one’s as hard on ourselves as we are)?

What would it be like to feel truly powerful, to trust yourself in your work and life and create what you want, on your terms?

Join a Powershot Circle!

Powershot circles are a group coaching program for women who are ready to learn how to ditch self-doubt and fully trust themselves.

They’re for women who are brilliant in their own right (yes, that’s you), self-aware, and ready to discover more of their inner fire, self-belief and trust, so they can create more of what they want in their lives, career, business and relationships.

A Powershot Circle is for you if you want to:

  • Feel more confident (in everything you do)
  • Take brave, bold action – have a greater impact and create what YOU want
  • Feel less impacted by other people’s approval or opinions
  • Stop undermining yourself so you can be the powerful woman you truly are
  • Own your intelligence, expertise, wisdom – and magnificence
  • Trust yourself more and doubt yourself less

And, most importantly, live in ways that are aligned with your heart’s truth – your innate wisdom.

These are the modules of transformation we’ll cover:

1 – Naming & claiming what you truly want

This isn’t as easy as it sounds. Often what we think we want isn’t our heart’s desire. You’ll learn how to connect with what you truly want and claim it for yourself so it can become your reality

2 – Transforming what’s in the way

As soon as you claim your heart’s desire your self-doubt will raise its head and start screaming for attention. You’ll learn how to shift all the stories that have been getting in your way so they can start to serve rather than hinder you

3 – Accessing your feminine power and listening to your intuition 

It can be difficult to know the difference between your mind and your inner knowing. You’ll learn how to access and listen to your inner wisdom and be guided by your feminine power so that it becomes second nature for you – in every part of your life

4 – Ditching the ‘how’

You don’t know have to know how you’ll create what you want, but you do have to trust that you will. You’ll discover exactly what this takes and what to do so you don’t get stuck in the ‘how’ – it’s one of the greatest things that holds us back

5 – Grace & gratitude

These are essential components for co-creating and collaborating with what you want and what life wants for you. Remember, what you want wants you. It really does. It’s time for you to embody this

6  – Creating life on your terms  

A life of meaning and purpose requires consistent action aligned with your truth. You’ll learn how to keep using the tools of self-trust always so you can continue to powerfully create life on your terms on your own once the program has finished

How it works

We meet twice a month online in a confidential, safe and supportive group, for 6 months. All meetings will be recorded for you to access later, and in case you miss one.

The Powershot Circles are your opportunity to give yourself what you need, just for you, with a level of genuine support you likely haven’t experienced before from a group of women who will be invested in, and champion, your success.

You’ll be guided and supported to do the inner and outer work to master the skills of self-belief and trust, so you can create more of what you want in your life.

You’ll experience the wisdom of your true voice and access your intuition to guide you towards achieving what truly matters to YOU.

Put simply, you’ll get regular doses of your own power. I’m not talking about ‘fake it until you make it’ nonsense. I’m talking about the only true power there is. It comes from focusing on who we are on the inside, so we can become clear and confident, and truly respect ourselves. It comes from ditching outworn stories, habits and beliefs, and trying to live up to standards that don’t match who we really are. It comes from learning how to listen to our knowing, and doing that consistently.

It means committing to ourselves, and using our power for ourselves, rather than against ourselves. And you know what? It can change everything, in all the best ways.

You’ll be carefully matched with a group of women who encompass a diversity of work and life experience, to ensure maximum benefit for everyone.

In your Powershot Circle, you’ll focus on:

  • Getting clear about what you really want. It’s not always as easy as it sounds, and often isn’t what you think it is
  • What’s getting in your way – old habits, beliefs, ideas and stories that are past their use by date – and transforming them
  • Reconnecting with your intuition, feminine power and wisdom, and using them to guide your life
  • Reconnecting with the power of your true voice so you can stand up and speak up
  • Cultivating and embedding the skills of self-belief and trust, and standing in your power
  • Taking action – and you’ll be held accountable – to achieve what you want for YOU

Sound like just what you need?

My Story…







My career began 25 years ago when I landed my first job as a commercial radio news journalist.

Known first and foremost for my voice, I worked as a prime time TV news presenter, voice artist, news director, and senior corporate communications adviser and presentation skills trainer.

I started my business six years ago with a sincere desire to help women find their voice. I was known for my voice in my media days, but my true voice had been mostly missing in action.

I worked with a mentor for six months to find the courage to launch my business, and uncovered all sorts of beliefs that were holding me back, including that no-one would actually pay money to work with me.

I count my first powerful speaking workshop as one of the greatest achievements in my life because people did pay, they loved the workshop, and they all broke through what had been holding them back and discovered new layers of genuine confidence.

I’ve since worked with hundreds of women, and presented to hundreds more. I do work I love with clients I love working with. This warms the cockles of my heart, big time. I’ve run sold-out workshops and retreats in Australia and Bali. I’ve written and published two books, including an Amazon No 1 bestseller. My work has been featured on Sunrise, The Australian, ABC, 4BC, The Advertiser and many more media outlets.

Can you imagine if I’d let my voice of self-doubt have the final say, and not launched my business?

I don’t pretend it’s been easy. I’m a one-woman show and a full-time single mum. I’ve survived divorce, bouts of severe fatigue along with a dose of depression and anxiety, and grief.

Each time it’s my fire in my belly fuelled by self-trust and belief that saw me rise from the ashes and create what I wanted next – in my life and work.

The skills I’ll teach you have allowed me to trust myself as I’ve made big decisions in my own life, including launching my business, but also putting myself forward for new opportunities, writing books, leaving a high profile media career and my marriage, paying out big non-refundable deposits for international retreat bookings, and recently moving to Bali with my 12 year-old daughter.

Could you do with some of that too?

I was really looking for something when I signed up to the Powershot Circles program. I felt lost emotionally and spiritually due to many changes in my life. I wasn’t sure if this was the thing that would help but I have complete faith and confidence in Tricia’s work. There has been a big shift for me in my boundaries and expectations. I’ve moved on from trauma and have my confidence back. I’m more me now and I do things that are nurturing for me. I’m preserving myself and put myself first. Some of our work together was uncomfortable but it was exactly what I needed. Tricia creates a safe, sacred space, with colourful patches for fun and laughter. Something has finally lifted at last. I feel great!”

Janette Gogler, Chief Nursing Information Officer

“I worked with Tricia at a time of change, and I was finding it harder to keep my game face on. I’ve learned that ‘No’ is a full sentence and I don’t justify myself anymore. I’m not sitting back quietly raging in my head when I hear or see bad behaviour. I speak up against it, letting my voice be heard. I’ve connected with my inner wisdom. And I no longer identify myself through my corporate role, but through those things outside of work that make my heart sing. There’s power to the groups Tricia brings together too. There’s a generosity of spirit, compassion, curiosity, sharing and laughing and the palpable feelings are always of trust and safety.”

Carolyn Parrella, Executive General Manager

“The program appealed to me because there was scope for each participant to follow their own path, with the support of Tricia’s insight, tools and guidance. I know from working with Tricia previously that she has a unique way of supporting women to look inside and discover their own strength and course. I was initially focused on reducing clutter in my life (physical, emotional and lifestyle clutter), but I was able to find a more real and spiritual direction that has in turn caused me to focus on what’s most important… and the clutter has started to work itself out by following that goal. This program was an experience like nothing I’ve done before – it wasn’t about professional development and it wasn’t about doing things a certain way – the success of the program for each participant is based around the individual, that each person already has the power if they can access it. Tricia is an insightful, genuine and gifted facilitator and guide, supporting each person to access their own inner strength. Being among other women who are going through the same process brings out warmth, truth and comfort – it was amazing! It’s not something I’ll forget. The program enabled a real shift for me personally and for my family, and this has in turn created a ripple effect for other areas of my life.”

Claire Nicholas, Communications Manager

“I worked with Tricia when I’d had a big change in my life and I needed help to navigate the upheaval and create life on my terms. I’ve now taken steps to choose what makes me happy and fulfilled in my life. I focus on me and include people in my life who embolden me and don’t sap my energy. Tricia showed me how to tap into and listen to my inner feminine wisdom. Even though I was dead broke at the time, working with Tricia was a prudent investment. It short-circuited years of soul searching.”

Jacqui Wright, Author

Our Group Meeting Dates & Times

We’ll meet twice a month on Zoom for:

  • A 90 minute Group Meeting
  • A 30-45 minute Group Check-in

These will start at:

7.30pm – NSW, VIC, QLD, TAS

7pm – SA, NT

5.30pm – WA

10.30am – London, UK

*If you’re unsure about your time zone and whether it will work for you, please get in touch with me.

Group Meetings – 90 minutes:

  • Meeting 1: April 2
  • Meeting 2: April 30
  • Meeting 3: May 28
  • Meeting 4: June 25
  • Meeting 5: July 23
  • Meeting 6: August 20

Group Check-ins – 30-45 mins:

  • Check-in 1: April 16
  • Check-in 2: May 14
  • Check-in 3: June 11
  • Check-in 4: July 9
  • Check-in 5: August 6
  • Closing ritual: September 3

What You’ll Receive

You’ll receive:

  • 6 x 90 minute Powershot Circle group meetings where I teach you the skills of self-trust and accessing your inner wisdom so you can take action to create what you want. We’ll meet on Zoom and all calls will be recorded
  • 6 x 30-45 minute Powershot Circle group check-ins to set goals, focus on outcomes and celebrate your successes. This will keep you on track, moving forwards to create what you want
  • A private online Facebook group for posting your intentions, action steps and successes, and where you can keep in touch and support one another

You have the option of adding:

  • 3 x private coaching sessions with me, to be used any time during the program, to deepen the level of support, personal attention and success. This includes access to me for up to 30 minutes a week, between 9am and 5pm AEST Monday to Friday via Facebook Messenger or Voxer (a voice messaging app), where I’ll respond to your messages within 24 hours. In total, this option gives you 3 x 60 minute private sessions plus 12 hours of additional online coaching via Messenger or Voxer. You’ll have access to me whenever you need it.

Your Investment: Choose a plan that works for you

The full value of this mentoring program is US $2500, however, because this is the first time I’m offering it only online I’m offering it to you at a radically reduced price of US $1210 (saving you US $1290). This will not be repeated.

This program will fill quickly. There are limited spaces to ensure participants get everything they need.

If we haven’t worked together before and you’d like to join the program, we’ll need to set up a time to talk over Zoom. That will allow us to meet one another, see if we’re a good fit to work together, find out if the program is right for you and if you’re right for the group. This is imperative for the integrity of the program and the participants.

Registration is now open!

Choose the plan that works best for you:

Option 1: Easy Payment Plan (save US $270)

6 x Easy Monthly Payments of US $225 (AUD $317. You can pay in your own currency)

These will be billed 30 days apart. Transaction fees apply and are included at the checkout for online payments. If you’d prefer to pay via direct deposit please email support (at) triciakarp.com and we’ll send you an invoice.

Option 2: Simple Single Payment (save US $215)

Make one Simple Payment now of US $1210 (AUD $1697. You can pay in your own currency)

*Transaction fees apply and are included at the checkout for online payments. If you’d prefer to pay via direct deposit please email support (at) triciakarp.com and we’ll send you an invoice.

Add private coaching:

You’ll receive:

  • 3 x 60 minute private, one-on-one coaching sessions
  • Up to 30 minutes a week of online coaching via Facebook Messenger or Voxer – a total of 12 extra coaching hours

Private coaching is US $534 (about AUD $750 – a saving of AUD $750 on my standard coaching rate. You can pay in your own currency)

*Please note: Payment for coaching is due by April 2

*Transaction fees apply and are included at the checkout for online payments. If you’d prefer to pay via direct deposit please email support (at) triciakarp.com and we’ll send you an invoice.

*Please note: If you feel called to join the program and the only thing holding you back is money, please talk to me about an alternative, tailored payment plan. You’re welcome to email: support (at) triciakarp.com. I’m here to help you make this work for you.

A note on coaching and mentoring…

We all need a reminder of who we really are. That’s where I come in as your Powershot Circle guide.

When you make a commitment to creating more of what you want in your life, I will hold your vision and commit to your success, from the bottom of my heart. I’ll offer you skills, my own knowledge, experience and wisdom, and help you take full advantage of opportunities that come your way. You will learn how to trust yourself.

I’ll remind you who you truly are. I’ll help you access your gifts, purpose and strengths. You won’t have to figure out everything on your own.

Your presence in the Powershot Circle and willingness to do what it takes will help you create more of what you want for yourself. You’ll become braver than you knew possible. You’ll experience a stronger sense of your own power, and more inner peace. It will touch every area of your life.

In my own experience, working with a mentor catapulted me to creating what I wanted so much faster than I could have achieved on my own.

I guarantee you that my support with the rest of the women in the group will make a profound difference in your life. You just need to be willing to say a big, fat ‘yes’ to yourself and to show up and do the work.

I hope you’ll join us!

“This year has been one of the best for me personally and professionally, and Tricia has been a big part of this success. I started working with Tricia when all I thought I needed was some help with my confidence around presenting my research, but her guidance has stretched far beyond that. As a result of her intuition and guidance I have managed to completely change my career around and forge my own path. This time last year I would have never expected to be in the place I am today. Sure, I know I am the one with the research knowledge and I do give myself credit, but Tricia unlocked my potential by managing to rebuild my confidence after a long spell in a less than supportive work environment. She challenged me to write my own future. I feel blessed to have had her pop into my life at the right time. I couldn’t recommend her highly enough to anyone needing guidance.”

Dr Karen Nelson-Field, Winner Telstra Business Womens Award, Winner Newscorp Women in Innovation Award

“I’m working on a project that requires me to be delivering a really powerful message to inspire people to make a difference in the world and I really felt that I needed help to really connect with what I’m trying to say. Tricia is an extraordinary teacher and leader who has the capacity to create an experience for people where there’s safety and they can go deep and cut through what’s on the surface and really find their inner story. It’s been so meaningful and so helpful. I’d also like to add that working with other women is a real opportunity to see that we’re all the same and it’s really challenging work to put ourselves out there. To be amidst others doing the work makes it easier to step forward because you’re really supported.”

Dr Elise Bialylew, Founder, Mindful in May. Pause for a Cause

“I enrolled in Tricia’s programs to help me address some work-related challenges. I am new to this organisation and was getting to know the culture and key players. The safe, supportive environment Tricia skilfully created enabled me to work through and hone in what the real issue was – not what I initially thought! Tricia’s skill in bringing a diverse group of capable people together and creating an essential safe space in which to explore, enrich and grow is second to none. Thank you Tricia!”

Carolyn Ball, Change Manager

“Since working with you I have picked myself up after an unsuccessful internal job application, applied for a new job which was outside my comfort zone and I was successful in winning the position, and put myself forward to be a team mentor in a national project. I won that position too, and as a result have just attended a conference including dignitaries from Australia, Ireland and Canada. I felt confident in expressing my views and being an active participant in the proceedings. I’ve also been more confident in meetings and opportunities for networking. These things have been a direct result of your workshops, giving me the confidence to speak and behave like a powerful leader. Thank you so much! I feel much more empowered both at work and in my personal life.”

Lara S, Senior Business Analyst

After working with Tricia, nothing is holding me back. There are no limits, and I control where I go from here. I’m confident, self-assured, and at ease with who I am.”

Taryn Brumfitt, Founder, Body Image Movement

Questions? Here are the answers…

What’s the overall time commitment of the Powershot Circle?

We’ll meet as a group for 90 minutes, once a month for 6 months, and have one group check-in each month for 30-45 minutes. In total, we’ll meet twice a month.

We’re all busy. The Powershot Circle isn’t a big time commitment, however our time together will be used wisely and well. I guarantee you the most effective use of your time with powerful results as long as you do the work. We’ll hone in on the most potent steps you can take to make the biggest difference, using your new skills of self-trust.

You’ll have access 24/7 to our private Facebook group with the other Powershot Circle members. It’s up to you how much you want to use the group and contribute to the other women’s experience in the group and draw on their support too.

If I choose the option for private coaching, how does that work?

You’ll get 3 x 60 minute private coaching sessions that you can use any time before the final Powershot Circle meeting. To book these you’ll have access to my online scheduler.

Private coaching will deepen your experience and provide you with one-on-one support to create more of what you want in your life. I’ll be on hand to answer your questions, provide support and hold you accountable in our sessions and for up to 30 minutes a week, via Facebook Messenger. This gives you 12 extra coaching hours in six months. When you message me, I’ll get back to you within 24 hours.

Why work in a group like this?

There are enormous benefits to being part of a group. We all learn so much from one another. Participants take greater risks, are extremely supportive of one another, and the experiences and different perspectives they each bring help to create a rich and rewarding environment.

It’s very special to be witnessed by a group – to be seen and heard – when you start to express yourself powerfully in your life and take action to create more of what you want for yourself.

I’m known for creating safe, supportive communities, where women step up to be held accountable. This is an especially potent and important part of being in a group.

It’s also fun! We laugh and celebrate with one another, and friendships are born that continue to flourish after the Powershot Circle meetings are over.

What is your refund policy?

The Powershot Circles program requires the full commitment of every woman who participates. The group is intimate and there are limited spaces available.

Each woman’s full commitment is essential for the Powershot Circle to have the highest value for all participants. This means there are no refunds. This includes partial refunds if you miss a meeting.

If you miss more than 2 group meetings you’ll be asked to leave the group without a refund. Consistency and commitment are essential to maintain the integrity of the group, and for you and the rest of the group to get the outcomes they signed up for.

After you register you’ll receive the full terms and conditions for taking part.

If you have more questions, you’re welcome to email: support [@] triciakarp.com.


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