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I want to tell you a story.

I recently helped a newly published author from Los Angeles prepare for a media interview.

When I say newly published, I mean that she wrote a memoir – her first book – and was signed with her dream publisher and given a team of publicity agents.

When I say media interview, I mean a live, 15 minute interview on a morning TV talk show in New York, as well as various other interviews with publications like the New York Post, The Guardian, the Daily Mail, and Elle magazine – to name just a few.

The book has been described as courageous and unflinching. When I read the first page, I thought, “Woah, that’s brave”.

This author was freaking out about being interviewed.

She worried she’d say the wrong thing, that people would judge her, that she wouldn’t get her message across, that she’d stuff up the whole thing and disappoint her publisher and the publicity team who’d invested so heavily in her success and no-one would buy her book.


I want to tell you another story.

The other day I was speaking with a woman who presents regularly, has run her own business for 16 years, and has experienced much success for herself and working with her clients.

She told me she still has issues finding her voice. Her life patterns and habits take over and she struggles to find her authentic voice and the courage to use it when it really counts.

She said her vulnerability feels so large and she’s longing to feel truly comfortable within herself.

Her voice inside her head is constantly negating her, saying, “Who am I to say this? Isn’t this obvious to everyone? Why do people need to hear it from me? I might as well keep my mouth shut.”

She said she squishes herself down and makes herself small, even though she longs to put herself out there in ways she never has.


Can you relate? If so, I might just be the perfect coach for you.

The women who work with me want to own who they are and what they say and do. They want to undo programming that keeps them from speaking up. They want to be powerful speakers.

This can be in any and every area of their lives: at work, home, with partners, family, children and friends. In conversations, meetings, public speaking, pitches and presentations, even media interviews. Here are some more reasons why my clients work with me:

  • They undermine themselves and notice themselves shrink in the presence of people deemed “superior” or in positions of “higher authority”
  • They keep the peace instead of speaking up and they’re sick of the frustration and burden that comes with that
  • They don’t back themselves and their knowledge and experience, and they watch other people who aren’t anywhere near as experienced or intelligent as they are race past them in their career
  • They want their relationships to be more real and meaningful, and know they need to speak up about how they feel, but aren’t sure how to do it and certainly don’t feel comfortable about doing it
  • They have trouble asking for what they want and are fed up with holding back and not getting their desires and needs met
  • They worry too much about what other people think, and it stops them from being their most powerful selves when they speak
  • They don’t put up their hand for opportunities or promotions because they’re afraid of putting themselves out there and they know that has to stop
  • They’re firm on their convictions with some people, and then zip their lips with others, and don’t want it to be that way
  • They don’t get their message across clearly and feel frustrated about that, seeing how it’s impending their relationships at work or home and their career momentum
  • They worry about being too emotional or even aggressive if they express what they truly feel
  • They shy away from public speaking opportunities, and know they and their audiences are worse off for it
  • When they do stand up to speak, they don’t own the room, and aren’t as effective as they want and need to be
  • They avoid conflict and know they need to have some tough conversations but don’t know how to do it
  • They’d love to use the media to get attention for their business or cause, but are terrified of being interviewed

All my clients want to be comfortable in their own skin, so they can own who they are and what they say and do.

I was invited as a global expert on an international stage, and I knew there was something holding me back from how I wanted to project myself and therefore be seen, and I needed input from a professional to unlock this and give me some tough love. Working with Tricia gave me the skills and resources to tap into my blockages and release myself from them. She provided a safe and nurturing environment to overcome them. Now I can call on the tools I’ve been shown to deal with my issues and “stuff” which will invariably come up. And I have the confidence that I now know how to handle myself in these situations. Working with Tricia was liberating, inspiring and energising. Best of all, I nailed my talk and had people queuing up to listen to me, and I received rave reviews in publications around the world.

~ Bec Brideson, Director Venus Comms

I saw Tricia speak and her presence and story intrigued me. Tricia has a heart connection with women when she speaks so she seemed the ideal coach to work with. The main outcome of our initial call was her allowing me to be vulnerable and confirm that the story I didn’t want to tell was to become my signature talk. I then worked with Tricia for a whole day, the outcome being my signature talk written and my confidence to believe that I could tell this story confidently. Her professionalism, integrity and experience shone through all day. Tricia has empowered me to show up and just be me. Thanks Tricia!

~ Annie Harvey, Tutor, Coach & Speaker

Thank you again Tricia, I have made some big shifts in my life after our session together. I have realised that living out of integrity is so detrimental to me. I am feeling so much stronger and clear. I realised that I needed to set boundaries and I’m doing that. I am still kind but also straightforward and direct, perhaps for the first time in my life. I’m getting everything in order in my personal life and business. You helped me see outside myself and open up to possibilities that I never considered, and create clear plans, and now they’re unfolding in my life! I’ve also just been asked to run a workshop interstate! Becoming clear about what I want has absolutely moved things forward in a very positive direction. Thank you for your wonderful sessions, I really value the work we’ve done together. I feel so much stronger and at peace.

~ Monika Browne, Teacher

You can read more testimonials here, and watch video testimonials here and here.

What if you knew you couldn’t get it wrong?

That’s a question I often ask my clients.

The author I mentioned above was so worried about messing up that she couldn’t see that there’s no-one in the world who can talk about her book like she can. No-one.

It’s the same for you, regardless of what you’re talking about. Your experiences, insights and wisdom are yours alone, to share in your unique way. What you feel is what you feel. It can’t ever be wrong. You can’t ever be wrong.

If you knew you couldn’t get it wrong, what would you say? What would you do? How would you put yourself out there?

I can help you, if you want to:

  • Find your voice
  • Ask for what you want: a pay rise, different work hours, a new contract or opportunity
  • Stop shrinking, playing small or staying silent, and start speaking up
  • Own the room as a public speaker
  • Craft a powerful signature talk that you’ll become renowned for
  • Do less and be more when it comes to public speaking (there’s no need to write out a whole speech word for word or practice for hours on end)
  • Use public speaking to grow your impact, influence and business
  • Work with nerves, stress and anxiety, and access more courage and confidence
  • More comfortably tackle and instigate difficult conversations
  • Use public speaking to sell your services without feeling like you’re being pushy or selling out yourself or your audiences
  • Prepare for a media interview so you can speak powerfully
  • Unlock a more magnetic, powerful presence when you speak
  • Book and land speaking engagements
  • Be heard

I don’t put pricing on my website because my programs are tailored to suit you. I don’t want to shove you into a box that doesn’t fit you.

For all my coaching I offer payment plans. I want to make it as easy as possible for you to invest in yourself, and your power.

Some people work with me for a few months, others spend a VIP day with me. VIP days work exceptionally well for women who are serious about using public speaking in their business and like to get everything done quickly. You might want to use speaking to build your business and get more clients (that’s what I did).

Together we can:

  • Nail your message and craft your signature talk (the one you’ll become known for and will get you new clients)
  • Create a strategy so you can book and land speaking engagements
  • Create your speaker profile
  • Work on the delivery of your talk so you can own the room, make a difference with your talk, and get new clients

Shall we talk?

Feel free to call me on 0412 810 305 or fill in this handy form.


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