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Looking for a lively, passionate and inspiring interview about women and leadership?

Tricia Karp is an executive coach, speaker, facilitator and writer who’s committed to helping women become powerful speakers and leaders.

A former Australian prime time TV news anchor, Tricia combines her vast media knowledge and experience with her executive coaching prowess. It’s a wicked combination.

Armed with the tools to help women break through what’s been holding them back from speaking and leading powerfully, Tricia has helped hundreds of women shift from ‘I’m not good enough’ to ‘I’m worth it and I’m ready to show up in all my magnificence.’

The author of two books, including an Amazon No 1 bestseller, Tricia guides women to discover their genuine presence and confidence, so they can speak with clarity, ease and freedom, and lead authentically from the inside out.

Counting Olympic sports stars, CEOs, change makers, and all kinds of leaders among her clients, Tricia’s been called “an extraordinary facilitator”.

Tricia knows there’s a brilliant speaker inside you – and a powerful leader – just begging to be unleashed.

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