Tricia Karp Tricia Karp
20 December 2012

It’s Christmas. Be Gracious.

be graciousGraciousness.  I don’t think there’s enough of it.

So that’s why I’ve devoted part three – the final episode of my Christmas Talk Tip audio series – to graciousness.

Graciousness is about giving credit where it’s due, being diplomatic, and sometimes holding your tongue and waiting for a better moment to speak. Speaking graciously is powerful self-expression.

So, let’s go.

Listen up for my guidelines on how to respond graciously when:

  • You’re given a hard time for overcooking the turkey or not giving the prawns enough time to defrost
  • Your partner forgets to buy the champagne for Christmas two days in a row
  • Your mother-in-law meddles in your life
  • Your sister says something humiliating in front of everyone else

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