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06 November 2012

Energy, Girls and Toning It Down: Power Talk with Sandi Amorim

Sandi Amorim has a special relationship with this word: someday.

It’s a relationship so captivating and fiery for Sandi that it forms the basis of her coaching practice.  She’s not cool with you doing something –  like creating a brilliant life and following your dreams and shining as brightly as you possibly can – at some unspecified time in the future, no matter distant that might be.  Sandi is not okay with someday.

I like Sandi very much.  She’s direct and ruthless.  And there’s something so tender and thoughtful and deeply loving about her. Sandi’s care and compassion are genuine and pure.

Oh, and she’s fun too.  Sandi is a delicious and delightful combination of good stuff!

I interviewed Sandi as part of my series about power for The Great Power Giveaway.  Our chat is the last in the series.  And today is the last day to enter!  Do it now for your chance to win coaching with me, a stunning Powerful Speaking for Powerful Women poster, and to raise money to empower girls to change the world.

Click play below to listen to our chat about:

  • the tendency for women to be passive-aggressive
  • the problems with telling girls off for being too loud, pushy or smart
  • not knowing how to be direct and ask for what you want
  • the qualities of being a powerful woman
  • the problems with force

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This is your last chance!  Enter now!





You can find Sandi’s online home here, and follow her on Twitter here. 

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