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26 October 2012

Bums, Boobs and a Media Career: An Interview with Tracey Spicer

Sometimes I meet someone and enjoy our connection so much that I'm on a high for the rest of the day.  That's what it was like to chat with Tracey Spicer.  She's warm, generous, smart, playful, passionate and fun, and she called me mate.  I like that. I know Tracey best as the presenter on Australia's Ten News.  But her…

23 October 2012

Body Image, Botox and Power : An interview with Mia Freedman

You know Mia Freedman, right? She's the editor and publisher of Mamamia, the go-to site for Aussie women that covers... well, everything. Motherhood, feminism, body image, career and politics. Food, sex, dating, fashion and celebrities.  Mamamia starts conversations and tens of thousands of people  join in, every single day. Mia Freedman has built her career around creating communities for women.…

18 October 2012

Stand Up, Speak Up, Use Your Voice, Be Brave: Ronna Detrick Talks Power

Desire, curiosity, choice, vulnerability.  For Ronna Detrick, these words speak of power. In our conversation, as part of my interview series for The Great Power Giveaway, those words spoken so decisively by Ronna called upon my powers of consideration and reflection.  And that's Ronna's specialty. As a spiritual director who loves nothing more than diving into powerful, provocative conversations, especially…

16 October 2012

Doormats, Goddesses and Getting Balls: Power Talk with Nikki Gemmell

I've interviewed some big names.  Back in the day, being a journalist afforded me the chance to get up close - though usually not very personal - with Michael Jackson, Shania Twain, former Aussie Prime Ministers Bob Hawke, Paul Keating and John Howard, and members of the band KISS. Not so long ago, mega star Pink paid cash to spend…

15 October 2012

Searing Honesty, Sexy Moves and Standing Firm: Power Talk with Dyana Valentine

I have a lot of time for Dyana Valentine. She calls herself an oracle, outlaw, and instigator, and you'd better believe it's true. Fiery, punchy, alarmingly intuitive and committed to pushing you to the edge of what you thought possible and making damn sure you follow through, Dy works internationally with people already playing big in their businesses and ready…

11 October 2012

Pleasing Prowess & Pushback Charm: An interview with Diane’ Ranck

Diane’ Ranck is a woman who means business.  (Her name is pronounced Dee-arna). Her most phenomenal achievement?  Being an Australian Education International Counsellor at the Aussie Embassy in Thailand, where she turned around the trend of international students going to England and the USA.  She created a fantastic brand for Aussie education, and took a whopping market share away from…

09 October 2012

Why You Need Grace To Get What You Want

I want to write about grace. When I crafted the most important page on my website, I was surprised by my response to some of the words that emerged as my fingers darted around the keyboard.  Especially these:  I ask - and stand up - for what I want.  I usually get it.   The words are true.  What I…

05 October 2012

On saying sorry. An interview with Jane Miller.

Jane Miller is a lawyer.  An accredited family law specialist.  A partner in her firm.  She's also the go-to lawyer for media comment on all things pre-nuptial, divorce and custody. Jane's a firm and assertive negotiator for her clients, who are mostly women.  That's her job, and she makes no apology for it. I've learnt how to not be too nice…

03 October 2012

Want a raise? Who do you think you are, anyway?

I love this scene in the movie Arbitrage.  It makes me think about the way men play the negotiating game like a grand final footy match, and about how most women would rather poke themselves in the eye with a burnt stick than join in. [embedplusvideo height="281" width="450" standard="" vars="ytid=2nHg5rpz73U&width=450&height=281&start=&stop=&rs=w&hd=0&autoplay=0&react=0&chapters=&notes=" id="ep7087" /] What the scene doesn't show is Richard Gere's character turning around…

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