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01 July 2015

How to make the biggest difference

I want to know, how might your life be different if: You felt so inspired by your mission that you could easily inspire others to get on board and wholeheartedly commit? You were so comfortable in your own skin that you could show up authentically - at work, everywhere - and pave a path for others to do the same?…

22 June 2015

Survey says: we need you to be inspiring

I conducted a little survey. At the risk of you not taking me seriously from this moment forward, I asked – on social media! - one simple question: What inspires you? If I am at the risk of losing you here, let me say this: the results of my little survey are echoed in, and affirmed by, huge studies* right…

15 June 2015

Public speaking confidence: lessons from a kid who gets it

My daughter loves singing.

This year she joined the Australian Girls Choir. She was asked to audition for a solo in the Winter Showcase Concert, and was awarded a part. At the weekend, in front of more than 800 people, she stood out the front, microphone in hand, and sang her heart out.

09 June 2015

Nurturing leadership: how do you do it?

If you’re a woman who’s up for climbing the corporate ladder, you likely know that, if you want to lead, you should stop being the one who makes the coffee for others at work, tidies up the trays of stale sandwiches, and is too helpful. If you’re a man who’s up for climbing the corporate ladder, it might be that…

02 June 2015

Want to stay inspired (so you can be inspiring)? You’ll need to check out

Here’s a quote that’s often used in discussions about how to get inspired: "Inspiration actually emerges from the soil of action: perspiration is just the water that nourishes it" ~ August Turak I’m fascinated by what it takes to get inspired, and be inspiring. Because if you’re not inspired, you can’t inspire others. And if you can’t inspire others, you…

19 May 2015

Trailblazer? We need you. How to stay on your path

Ever been accused of being idealistic? Rebellious? A renegade? Or wrong, mad, even crazy? I’m fortunate to work with all sorts of leaders who are pushing boundaries and offering new paths for the rest of us to walk that just might make our lives better in all sorts of ways. At times I work intensively for up to two days…

12 May 2015

Ten ways to be an inspiring leader

We live in a world where people who tell personal stories on stage are revered, anyone can be seen and heard more than ever before, and expressing vulnerability is the new black. Not at work though. And the gap is rapidly widening. If the keys to success as a leader for our times include connectedness, humility, candour, openness and empathy…

28 April 2015

How to connect to make a difference

Once upon a time there was a world where people weren’t inspired by their leaders. Conversations about what was really happening were rare. Boring presentations fell on deaf ears. Little changed. Differences weren’t made. And people longed, deep down, to be inspired, engaged and be part of something that truly mattered. In that world, no-one knew about the three Ps.…

21 April 2015

The David Principle

I want to tell you about David. We met over the phone. Our encounter has stuck with me and inspired me to share some of our conversations with you. When I phoned David, he was expecting my call. His business partner had asked me to call him. Our conversation went something like this: Me: "Hi David, this is Tricia Karp.…

14 April 2015

Time for a tough conversation? Don’t open your mouth yet

As a former serial avoider of the tough stuff for fear of hurting anyone's feelings, learning how to instigate a confronting conversation in a way that's clear, respectful and kind - and has the potential to produce surprisingly positive outcomes - was nothing short of a revelation for me. I've lived with the consequences of not having those conversations -…

06 April 2015

Let’s talk. From disinterest to engagement

I've just moved house. I tasked myself with confining the books that matter most to me to a single bookshelf. Not an easy task. I love books. As I decided which books stay, and which are destined for new readers, I marvelled at those that still matter and why. One, called "Love, Loss, And What I Wore", documents the story…

Want to inspire? How deep have you dug into your soul?

As soon as I use the word "vulnerable" in a powerful speaking workshop, regardless of who's in the room, there's always a noticeable shift in the vibe that feels like a dull thud before protestations begin. Despite vulnerability being a hot topic these days, thanks in massive part to researcher and best-selling author Brene Brown, I still watch people squirm…

23 March 2015

How to build a thriving community at work

Don’t ever invite me to talk about diversity at a conference. I’ll say yes, and then get up on stage and deliver something completely different (like I did at a leadership conference a couple of years ago). We need more women in senior leadership positions. I have a problem with the word “diversity” being used to refer to 50% of…

10 March 2015

How to be inspiring

What is it about those leaders others deem inspiring? Having run powerful speaking programs for the past few years, and taught participants how to genuinely connect with their audiences – and even experience the delight and power of holding those audiences in the palm of their hand - I’ve noticed it comes down to just a few behaviours. They’re easy…

24 February 2015

Leadership isn’t just for the boss

If anyone spoke about what it means to be a leader back when I was at school, I must have been too busy smiling cheekily at boys to have noticed. I desperately wanted to be a prefect, mainly because it would have made me seem and feel important. That it required anything to do with leading didn’t occur to me.…

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