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23 February 2016

Take your time (or why introverts can be the most powerful speakers)

We’re sitting around a boardroom table. I’m at the head, with two women either side of me. They’ve been nominated for a prestigious award, and I’m helping them prepare for the inevitable media interviews coming the way of the winner. Two have fronted up to the media before. They love talking. A lot.
The other two haven’t. One is the quietest in the room. She tells us she’s been identified as an “Accepting Introvert” (I hadn’t heard of that term, but I knew exactly what it meant, especially in relation to her).

02 February 2016

30 things nobody tells you about powerful speaking

There’s all sorts of advice in books, online, and being espoused in public speaking courses everywhere about what you absolutely must know to stand up on a stage and own it. I’ve been speaking publicly since I first sat behind the microphone at 5AD, the radio station that offered me my first journalist and newsreader gig at the ripe old age of 20. I want to share with you what I’ve learned during my 25 years in the game so you can focus on what’s genuinely necessary to become a truly powerful speaker, and ditch everything else.

19 January 2016

What you don’t want to talk about (and why powerful speakers do)

The most powerful speakers understand that strength without vulnerability depletes their power. They also get that vulnerability is a strength. So they do what it takes to stay connected with their truth and they speak it. And they keep speaking, holding firm to the message that matters to them, regardless of other people’s opinions, judgements or agendas. Because the message is too important to buy into that. Far out, that message is no less than what gives them their sense of purpose on this planet.

05 January 2016

The world needs to hear what you have to say

Most of what I consider my greatest achievements involved walking away. They came with a decision to let go, say goodbye, and walk – sometimes run – in another direction. My greatest achievements have been hard-won. I imagine yours have too. You may not have miraculously recovered from an incurable disease overnight, survived being shot 13 times by a mad man, or climbed Mt Everest. None of that is necessary for being a powerful speaker. You have a message to share and stories filled with wisdom that could make a difference for other people. Your words matter. Your voice matters. Your life, your experiences, and your truth matter.

15 December 2015

What happens when you disconnect from your power, and why it’s not worth it

If life imitates art, then I’ve been doing some, well, big, fat imitating. After filming an interview in which I spoke about what I do to stay connected with my power, I had a few days of not doing what it takes to stay connected with my power. Disowning my power (because that’s exactly what I was doing) felt oddly comforting (even though it hurt), as though I could have more control over things that are beyond my control. We do that. We distract ourselves, buy into what’s not our truth, and pretend not to know. We tell ourselves stories that aren’t true, and we believe them.

08 December 2015

Come to bed with me: An interview on presence, power and truth

I’m building a temple. It’s called The Story Temple. And in it, you will discover and unleash the most powerful version of your voice – and yourself. The Story Temple is my brand new, 10-month program for women that I’ll be launching in January (when the silly season is over, and the ‘Woah, it’s a new year, and it’s time to get serious – and more powerful’ season begins). The best way to tell you all about it is via my voice talking rather than my voice writing here. So, I sat down with the fabulous Nicola Lipscombe (you know her, right? She’s the magic maker behind Powerful Listening. She’s the best listener).

01 December 2015

They’re clapping for you! Feel the love

In my powerful speaking programs, something happens every single time that causes me to raise my voice and say, “No, no, no!” And then, “Go back and do it again!” It’s this: After delivering a brilliant talk, directly and powerfully straight from the heart, that leaves audience members marvelling and longing to clap loudly to show their appreciation, each woman walks away. I’m calling this for the big pile of poo it is. You diminish your power and presence when you do that. Stop.

24 November 2015

The art of staying connected and powerful

Staying connected is what grounds you when you speak, especially when you find yourself in a confronting situation – on a stage, or in a conversation in which you’re speaking about something that truly matters. Staying connected is what stops you from buying in to other people’s ideas, beliefs, reactions, or distractions. Ultimately, staying connected is what allows you to do life your way, aligned with your truth. Then, when you stand up to speak, it’s what informs every word you say – or don’t say – and the way you say it. Staying connected is what stops you from buying in to other people’s ideas, beliefs, reactions, or distractions.

17 November 2015

How to shift from ‘not enough’ to owning it

The most powerful speakers care deeply and want to make a difference. The most powerful speakers know themselves exceptionally well. The most powerful speakers intuitively know how to read a room and own it. To shift from not enough to owning it, you have to flip outdated concepts of power on their head.

05 November 2015

Stilettos and ugg boots: what it takes to speak powerfully

Every story of powerlessness and every insecurity you’ve ever known will get up next to you to clutch your hand every single time you stand up to speak. Before you craft a talk, let alone share it out loud, you need to start with your stories. Public speaking will become so much easier. And you’ll be far more powerful, perhaps even commanding the stage like a rock star.

01 September 2015

We want to matter. Turn towards us

Did you know, according to scientific research, that couples need to “turn towards” each other at least 87 per cent of the time for their relationship to happily continue – and last? That research was conducted by the famous Gottman Institute, and a recent article about “turning towards” sparked my thinking about all sorts of things, not least of which…

17 August 2015

How to share your message (and wisdom!) to make a difference

Depending on where you choose to place your attention, it’s highly likely you’re consuming too much junk food (and I don’t mean via the drive thru of your local Maccas). We’re fed a stodgy diet of fear-filled messages amidst rants and raves in the daily news and on social media. Messages that scream life is getting harder. We’re not safe.…

04 August 2015

Can’t be bothered? This changes everything

Big fat confession: for the past two weeks I haven’t felt very motivated. That’s unusual for me. And what’s even more unusual is that I let myself be that way, instead of trying to force myself to be different, get on with it, get over myself, and make something happen quick smart! I did the bare minimum of work (couldn’t…

13 July 2015

For the renegades, the dreamers, the crazy ones… let’s change the world

My girl went to a birthday party at the weekend. It had an ice cream theme, and there were games - pin the cherry on the ice cream - and an ice cream-shaped piñata, and, of course, plenty of ice cream to eat, with just about everything except cherries to put on top. There was also a photo booth. The…

06 July 2015

How to have a powerful presence

Let’s set something straight. Being confident, which is often seen as the holy grail of having a powerful presence, is over-rated. Yes, I really did say that. Everyone wants to appear confident. Yet, confidence takes so many different forms. Whenever people tell me they want to be perceived as confident, and I ask them what sort of behaviours they need…

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