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14 May 2019

Scenes from the Reclaimed & Radiant Retreat

Reclaimed & Radiant Retreat: Bali, May 5-12, 2019. I’m going to let the pictures and videos tell the story. Because, a couple of days after the retreat, I have no words to do it justice…

07 January 2019

When we know the truth and don’t listen…

Love. As you pack up your house to move, and clear all sorts of things that are no longer required for where you’re heading – not just physically but within your very being – you pick up and flick through an old note book. You find notes from sessions with your mentor, dated nearly three years ago. You chose that mentor because she calls you to truth and she’s not cheap. You want to invest at that level because you want to live at that level. You want to pay the big bucks because you care deeply about living your truth and doing whatever it takes. It means that, before each session, you feel nervous and sometimes scared about what might be revealed.

29 November 2018

This is a touchy subject

I was speaking with a woman the other day who’s been married for many years and has two teenage kids. She told me she can’t remember what it’s like to feel sexy. She said she’s not sure “down there” even works anymore. Then she said, abruptly ending our conversation, that she doesn’t really care anyway. I get it. I’ve been there. I was married once. And let’s just say that sex became far from a priority. And feeling sexy, in myself, for my own sake? Um, no. This is a touchy subject.

19 November 2018

Are you one of “those” women?

A woman I love and respect recently described me as “wild, alive and dangerous”. It was a compliment. One of the best I’ve received. It made me laugh. But soon after I’d thanked her, I thought, “Have I become one of ‘those’ women?” I’m talking about the type of woman I implore us all to become: a woman who’s powerful, makes no apologies for who she is and what she wants, doesn’t silence herself, doesn’t sit quietly on the sidelines of her life, follows her desires, asks for what she wants, speaks up, and owns her beauty, her sensuality, and her pleasure.

14 May 2018

What a group of kids reminded me about powerful speaking

I’m just back from three weeks in the USA on a performing arts tour with my daughter, Lila. She was part of a group of 55 kids who travelled with their families to New York City, and then a smaller group that performed on a cruise ship in the western Caribbean and then at Disney World in Orlando, Florida. I want to share the powerful speaking insights I was reminded of by the kids in the hope they’ll will help you to speak more powerfully too.

29 March 2018

It’s not a competition

Last week I worked with two female executive coaches to write and produce a promotional video for their business. They want to spread the word about a regular event they offer to inspire and empower women. Someone asked me why I would help them because they’re my “competition”. Here’s what I said:

24 October 2016

Powerful woman: I see you

To the woman who: Is sick of standing behind her man. I see you. Keeps quiet in meetings. I see you. Stays for the kids. I see you. Thinks she can’t. I see you.
Wants to be bold and own the stage and shrinks as soon as she sees the audience. I see you. To the woman who wants it to be different, who wants more peace and freedom: I see you. The program isn’t yours to live. Untie the shackles of nice, good, silent and small.

17 October 2016

Stop promoting yourself

I’m running a workshop for a room full of women who’ve been told and sold they need to get better at promoting themselves and having a more powerful presence if they want to climb that corporate ladder and have more “success”. I get to the part about promoting themselves and the women say this: I feel so uncomfortable promoting myself / I don’t want to appear up myself / I can’t stand the way I see the men in my office do it / What will people think of me going on about how great I am? / Who am I to stand up and say such things? / Can we just skip this part? These comments are coming from the mouths of Programmed Women. They are not coming from these women’s true voices. It’s like a case of very bad lip-synching on a cheap music video.

21 September 2016

Let’s dump the notion of nice, easy, difficult and high maintenance

As I continue to navigate the complexities of a new living arrangement, between three people with three different surnames, and behaviour that matches those complexities and certainly isn’t nice, and is pushing my buttons big time and sometimes leaves me in tears when she’s not around, I hear myself say words like this: She’s high maintenance. She’s difficult. She needs to learn to manage her emotions. I started to wonder if those words were even mine. As in, deep down truly my words. They felt heavy and cringe-worthy in a I-can’t-believe-I-just-said-that kind of way. I wondered whether I’d swallowed those cutting words long before I can remember and they seemingly became mine after years of conditioning about how women should behave to make everyone else’s life easier.

05 September 2016

A love letter to Amy Taeuber

Dear Amy, I want to say this up front: I think you are smart and brave and filled with an extremely healthy dose of self-respect. We haven’t met before, yet I feel like I know you. Dare I say it, I think we’re super alike. Well, sort of. I used to be a journalist too. And after a stint in commercial radio, before I’d even finished my journalism degree, I landed at job at the same TV station as you. Some of the people I worked with all those years ago still work there now.

12 April 2016

How to use your talks to get more clients (and not feel like vomiting)

This is NOT a video about how much money you’re leaving on the table (yucky marketing talk) if you don’t use your talks to sell. This IS a video about how many more people you can help with all the goodness you have to offer, if you can find a way to speak that feels natural and comfortable for you and your audiences. This applies to EVERYONE who speaks, by the way, even if you think you’re not trying to sell anything (you’re wrong). Oh, and this is also a video about one of the biggest mistakes I’ve made that guarantees I lose power and connection with my audiences. I bet you do this too.

05 April 2016

How to use speaking to build – or even start – your business

I’ve been reflecting on my first year in business, when I felt like I didn’t really know what I was doing most of the time because everything was brand new. I’d come from the media and then a corporate job, and had never had a business before. One of my strategies was simply to get known by as many people as possible. I knew I needed to put myself out there. I went to lots of networking events and had coffee meetings with all sorts of people. And I did lots of FREE speaking engagements. I did nearly 50 speaking engagements in my first year of business, gained clients from 95% of those talks, and achieved a six-figure income.

29 March 2016

How to make your audiences care (and get results)

One of the big problems I see for so many speakers is they don’t know how to make their audiences care about what they’re saying. If they organise the speaking event themselves, they go to enormous effort to get bums on seats. They carefully craft their signature talk, do all the marketing – usually for weeks and weeks, and then, when it comes to the speaking part, they deliver their talk in such a way that it doesn’t pack a punch, build trust, or get new clients.

22 March 2016

How to own the room before you even open your mouth to speak

Powerful Speaking isn’t just about what comes out of your mouth, or even how it comes out of your mouth. When you stand up to speak, every idea and belief you have about yourself stands up with you. That isn’t always good news, because most of us have so many stories about who we are and who we’re not, what we should and shouldn’t be doing, and what we’re capable of – or not. Your presence on the stage is informed by all of that, so you need to know what’s standing up with you, ditch the stories that aren’t serving you, and create new ones that see you speaking powerfully and owning the room.

16 March 2016

How to shift from fear to power as a speaker

I can’t tell you how many clients say this to me: “Could you please help me get rid of my nerves/stress/fear/anxiety about public speaking.” As someone who quit piano lessons as a kid because I was so terrified by performing at the once-a-year recital, and who never dared to put up her hand at school to answer a question in case I got it wrong and made a fool of myself, I understand the pain. I have a solution to help you move past fear. Yes, a solution. It really does work.

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