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You are powerful beyond measure.

The question is: Does your power hold your hand when you stand up to speak?

Public speaking can bring up insecurities, nervousness, fear, stress, stories about who you are and who you’re not (that usually don’t serve you), and anxiety.

It also offers one of the greatest opportunities to spread your message and make a difference with your words.

I’m here to help you unlock more courage and genuine confidence so you can relax, own the stage, speak powerfully, and captivate your audiences.

I’m here to help you develop your power and leadership, and inspire and lead every time you speak.

My clients joyfully report an increase in confidence of more than 60%.

“After working with Tricia, nothing is holding me back. There are no limits, and I control where I go from here. I’m confident, self-assured, and at ease with who I am” ~ Taryn Brumfitt, Founder Body Image Movement

From the bottom of my heart, I’m committed to helping you shine.

Everything you need to know about how we can work together is right here.

01 December 2015

They’re clapping for you! Feel the love

In my powerful speaking programs, something happens every single time that causes me to raise my voice and say, “No, no, no!” And then, “Go back and do it again!” It’s this: After delivering a brilliant talk, directly and powerfully straight from the heart, that leaves audience members marvelling and longing to clap loudly to show their appreciation, each woman walks away. I’m calling this for the big pile of poo it is. You diminish your power and presence when you do that. Stop.

24 November 2015

The art of staying connected and powerful

Staying connected is what grounds you when you speak, especially when you find yourself in a confronting situation – on a stage, or in a conversation in which you’re speaking about something that truly matters. Staying connected is what stops you from buying in to other people’s ideas, beliefs, reactions, or distractions. Ultimately, staying connected is what allows you to do life your way, aligned with your truth. Then, when you stand up to speak, it’s what informs every word you say – or don’t say – and the way you say it. Staying connected is what stops you from buying in to other people’s ideas, beliefs, reactions, or distractions.

17 November 2015

How to shift from ‘not enough’ to owning it

The most powerful speakers care deeply and want to make a difference. The most powerful speakers know themselves exceptionally well. The most powerful speakers intuitively know how to read a room and own it. To shift from not enough to owning it, you have to flip outdated concepts of power on their head.

Love letters to you, from my heart, on how to be a powerful speaker. Join the tribe:

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