I have a dream. It goes like this...

Tricia Karp Wise Talk

I dream of connected, collaborative workplaces and communities, where everyone’s driven by a purpose that truly matters to them, is inspired to give their best, produces results beyond their wildest imagination… and has a ball in the process.

So, where to start? Firstly, there are some big questions to answer:

What does it take to lead – to serve – in a way that your vision is not only realised, but produces results far greater than you could imagine?

What does it take to create a workplace culture in which everyone – regardless of their role and title – brings their best selves to their job?

What does that look like? Why does it matter?

It’s time

As human beings, we crave belonging. We long to be part of something bigger than ourselves. We want to play to our strengths and be fulfilled. We want to do work we care about, that’s meaningful and makes a difference. And we want to be acknowledged and appreciated for it.

It’s so simple. Yet, frequently, organisations are faced with people surveys shouting a lack of engagement, and a disconnection between their workplace vision and those people tasked with embodying and manifesting it.

Our times – leaner and meaner – call for purpose, collaboration, and everyone bringing their best selves to the task.

They call for leaders who can shape a workplace culture built on a shared purpose and values that also embraces and celebrates each individual’s purpose.

They call for leaders and teams who are invested in genuine service that goes far beyond a documented process.

They call for leaders who can inspire people to get on board, commit, and even joyfully marry the cause.

Let’s do this

“When you serve the world, when you serve other people, that’s when you actually become elevated. That’s when people look up to you. That’s something we’ve lost sight of with all our leadership talk, and with all our “seven steps to being the pointiest, smartest, savviest leader”

Rachel Kohn

My clients are a mixed bunch who all want the same thing: results.

They’re invested in creating leading cultures and serving their communities, understanding that achieves:

  • Increased engagement and productivity
  • Increased innovation and efficiency
  • Improved bottom line results

I offer training workshops, and creation and facilitation of programs for you.

You’ll find all my programs right here.

My development programs are always tailored to suit you, and are heavy on communication that connects.

My career

I’m the author of two books, including an Amazon number 1 bestseller, and a bible for anyone charged with speaking to the media.

Training and speaking are my first loves. I’m fascinated by what it takes to be an inspiring leader, and connection and collaboration are my number one goal.

I love writing. It helps me make sense of the world and it’s a joy to know it means something to those who read my words. My inspiration comes from observing people’s behaviour, especially my eight year-old daughter’s. I reckon children are the best teachers, especially when it comes to leadership.

I write a weekly blog and also connect with my subscribers most weeks. Many often email me after they receive my words to thank me for sharing so genuinely.

In a former life, I worked on both sides of the media fence: as a journalist who perfected the art of storytelling in 70 seconds or less, and as a senior corporate communications adviser who managed the messages that ended up in the hands of the media – and reputations.

I worked in commercial TV for about ten years, and read the 6pm news for a while. It was a great lesson in how suddenly people’s perceptions can change when you step into a new role, especially one that’s so public. I also learned to try not to take it personally when someone told me my make-up was bad, or the jacket I was wearing looked awful.

I love what I do. I’m fortunate to partner with leaders who want to make a difference for themselves, their organisations and their communities.

I live in Adelaide, and work with clients around Australia.

My formal qualifications include:

  • Executive Coach (Institute of Executive Coaching & Leadership)
  • The Leadership Circle TLCP, TLCS
  • Certificate IV in Training & Assessment
  • BA (Journalism)

Let’s stay connected

The best way to keep in touch is to pop your details in the box below. You’ll get fresh articles, workshop invitations, and other bits and pieces designed to help you be an inspiring leader. It’s all good, I promise.




No "7 steps to being the best leader here". Just wise talk delivered straight up by me, Tricia Karp. Are you in?

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