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Tricia Karp Tricia Karp

Hello, I’m Tricia Karp.

My work is born out of a desire and vision to see every woman own and stand in her power.

I believe that when women speak up and share our ideas, gifts and brilliance, driven by purpose, self-trust and our own inner wisdom, the world will be a better place for all of us.

I’m here to help you speak and lead powerfully.

“After working with Tricia, nothing is holding me back. There are no limits, and I control where I go from here. I’m confident, self-assured, and at ease with who I am.

~ Taryn Brumfitt, Founder Body Image Movement

My clients work with me to speak and lead powerfully as public speakers and in presentations, media interviews, at work in the boardroom, meetings and conversations, and at home. I help them unlock their genuine power and confidence in ways they’ve never experienced.

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14 May 2019

Scenes from the Reclaimed & Radiant Retreat

Reclaimed & Radiant Retreat: Bali, May 5-12, 2019. I’m going to let the pictures and videos tell the story. Because, a couple of days after the retreat, I have no words to do it justice…

07 January 2019

When we know the truth and don’t listen…

Love. As you pack up your house to move, and clear all sorts of things that are no longer required for where you’re heading – not just physically but within your very being – you pick up and flick through an old note book. You find notes from sessions with your mentor, dated nearly three years ago. You chose that mentor because she calls you to truth and she’s not cheap. You want to invest at that level because you want to live at that level. You want to pay the big bucks because you care deeply about living your truth and doing whatever it takes. It means that, before each session, you feel nervous and sometimes scared about what might be revealed.

29 November 2018

This is a touchy subject

I was speaking with a woman the other day who’s been married for many years and has two teenage kids. She told me she can’t remember what it’s like to feel sexy. She said she’s not sure “down there” even works anymore. Then she said, abruptly ending our conversation, that she doesn’t really care anyway. I get it. I’ve been there. I was married once. And let’s just say that sex became far from a priority. And feeling sexy, in myself, for my own sake? Um, no. This is a touchy subject.

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