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Hello. My name is Tricia Karp. I’m on a mission to help leaders be inspiring.

Wise Talk is my leadership development company. I partner with my clients to transform conversations and cultures, by building skills that inspire, foster collaboration and get results.

If there’s one thing in common that my clients share, it’s this: they want to make a difference.

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08 February 2015

Why having fun at work is serious business

When I was at uni following my dream to become a journalist, there was a radio module that required us to read the news – live on air – for the university community radio station.

There was NO WAY I was going to put myself on air without being fully prepared. So my mum took me off to weekly voice lessons with the legendary Vaughan Harvey, famous for being one half of the Cardwell Harvey breakfast news report.

Vaughan ran a little school in an old office in Waymouth Street. It was long before newsrooms were digital and Vaughan had big reel-to-reel tape machines to record his students’ newsreading. It’s also when mobile phones were still referred to as “bricks”, had to be carried over the shoulder with a wide strap, and felt like a handbag piled full of rocks.

23 January 2015

How to get your team to give you their best

My girl, ever since she’s been asked the age-old question, “What do you want to be when you grow up?” has had no problem reeling off the following:

  • A ballet teacher, and/or
  • An actor

She’ll be nine years-old this year. She knows who she is. She just knows.

The performer in her has been evident since, at the age of three, she joined in the fun of a family jug band performing at a market and did her own little tap dancing show on a timber board resting on the dirt. In a quiet way, she did it, but in front of the crowd nonetheless.

No "7 steps to being the best leader here". Just wise talk delivered straight up by me, Tricia Karp. Are you in?

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